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July 28, 2017
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July 27, 2017
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July 28, 2017

The salary cap in the NBA for the 2017-2018 season has been set at 99 million dollars. It is an increase in the cap of the 2016-2017 season that was set at 94 million dollars. The salary cap had already experienced a significant rise last season due to a new national broadcast rights deal that got into effect. That caused many teams to have significant cap space. This year the cap took another jump, although not as high as the NBA previously projected. Originally it was expected to rise to 101 million dollar, but due to fewer playoff games being played and the subsequent drop in revenue, it was set at 2 million less. The new salary cap gave the teams the opportunity to spend millions of extra dollars on player salaries. Free agents and restricted free agents were allowed to sign new contracts, and so they did! A week after Stephen Curry signed a 201 million 4 year contract James Harden became the best paid NBA player ever. The Houston Rockets signed him to a 4-year extension (he had two years remaining on his contract), giving him a six-year deal with 228 million dollars guaranteed.

These are the best free agent deals signed this summer:

  • James Harden, contract extension (2019-2023) with Houston, 228 million dollars, six years
  • Kevin Durant, new contract with Golden State, 53 million dollars, two years
  • Stephen Curry, re-signed with Golden State, 201 million dollars, five years
  • Gorden Hayward, signed with Celtics, 128 million dollars, four years
  • Blake Griffin, re-signed with Clippers, 128 million dollars, five years
  • Paul Millsap, signed with Denver, 90 million dollars, three years
  • Kyle Lowry, re-signed with Toronto, 100 million dollars, three years
  • George Hill, signed with Sacramento, 57 million dollars, three years
  • Jeff Teague, signed with Minnesota, 57 million dollars, three years
  • Jrue Holiday, re-signed with New Orleans, 126 million dollars, five years
  • Andre Iguodala, re-signed with Warriors, 48 million dollars, three years
  • Danilo Gallinari, signed with LA Clippers, 65 million dollars, three years
  • J.J Reddick, signed with Philadelphia, 23 million dollars, one year
  • Otto Porter, re-signed with Washington, 106 million dollars, four years
  • Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, signed with LA Lakers, 18 million dollars, one year
  • Serge Ibaka, re-signed with Toronto, 65 million dollars, three years
  • Tim Hardaway, signed with NY Knicks, 71 million dollars, four years
  • Joe Ingles, re-signed with Utah, 52 million dollars, four years
  • Zach Randolph, signed with Sacramento, 24 million dollars, two years
  • Dion Waiters, re-signed with Miami, 52 million dollars, four years
  • Rudy Gay, signed with San Antonio, 17 million dollars, two years
  • John Wall, re-signed with Washington, 170 million dollars, four-years
  • Pau Gasol, re-signed with San Antonio, 30 million dollars. two-years

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