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August 12, 2017
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August 11, 2017
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August 14, 2017

“Out of Georgetown, ‘The Answer’, Allen Iverson”! Most fans thought that they would never hear this introduction at a basketball game ever again. But, a couple of weeks ago, the 42-year-old guard came running onto a court for the first time in seven years. No, this does not mean that Iverson made a comeback into the NBA at 42, but he joined the brand new 3-on-3 league with his team 3’s Company. He is joined by retired NBA-players DeMarr Johnson, Andre Owens, Ruben Patterson, Michael Sweetney and Al Thornton.

The first season of the Big3, as the league is called, has almost come to an end, and that means it is time for the playoff round. Unluckily for ‘The Answer’ and the rest of his 3’s Company, something went wrong in week 7 of the season and Iverson failed to show up for the game against Power. He left everyone guessing where he was. Afterward, his reason stayed undisclosed to the public, but he did apologize. Luckily for the rest of 3’s Company, they won both that game and the game after, when Iverson was suspended by Ice Cube.

Now, the Big3’s first season has almost come to an end. There are only three weeks left until it is all over, and one week until the playoffs start. There is only room for four teams in the playoffs, which means that the last week will become a real battle for the remaining spots. The teams Power and Ghost Ballers now hold the third and fourth place, but that could still all change. 3’s Company holds the fifth spot, is tied in wins with Ghost Ballers, ‘The Answer’ is no longer suspended, and they are very motivated to fight for the fourth place on their road to maybe becoming the first Big3 championship.

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