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Nike On Air Contest ‘Winners’

Nike On Air Contest ‘Winners’

Maybe you remember the contest Nike started last year: The Nike on Air contest. Six city’s, thousand people who participated in the workshops and only 18 finalists. With 6 winners, from each city one. New York City, London, Paris, Seoul, Shanghai and Tokyo.

The winners of the contest were invited to the Nike WHQ. Where they worked together with a team of footwear designers, materials and colour designers, and developers who collectively pored over the designs in individual teams. Last week Nike introduced the winning sneakers who will be released at the beginning of April. We are really excited about the winning sneakers and can’t wait to get them! Here are all the winning sneakers with the story behind it.

Nike Air Max 1 Tokyo Maze – by Juta Takuman

This sneaker is an honouring to the dizzying urban labyrinth of colourful tube lines that shoot beneath Tokyo. The embosses leather stands for the city’s concrete surface while the iconic Tokyo tower is represented in red bubbles.

Nike Air Max 97 SH Kaleidoscope – by Cash Ru

In this sneaker, Ru has let his ideas out how the cloud are floating along in the Shanghai skies. How they shift and dissipate to create new forms and shapes.

Nike Air Vapormax Plus Paris Works in Progress – by Lou Matheron

Paris under construction was the inspiration for Matheron her sneaker. She photographed the Parisian courthouse will it was under construction. Around this photograph, she designed the sneaker.

Nike Air Max 97 Neon Seoul – by Gwang Shin

The city neon lights and the Taaeguk symbol on the Seoul flag where the beginning of this sneaker. A black matt body as a basis, the vibrant colours and contours are a reflection of the neon lights and the city symbol.

Nike Air Max 98 La Mezcla – by Gabrielle Serrano

The people makes New York City special. And that inspired Serrano, the diverse complexions of the city. The combine of race, ethnicity and cultural background are the highlights of this design.

Nike Air Max 97 London Summer of Love – By Jasmine Lasode

Summers in the city and the celebrating of love. With Jasmine her personal memory: A first date spent on Primrose Hill as her inspiration.


Photo’s by Nike
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