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No more Disney on Netflix?

No more Disney on Netflix?

It has been a few weeks now since multiple Disney titles have been removed on Netflix, why you ask? Let us tell you a little story.

What’s the deal?

Disney announced that it will come with it’s own streaming service. To fill this streaming service all Disney films will be removed from Netflix and added to the Disney platform. 

Although there is good news for you Disney movie lovers, the Disney service will start in 2019 and will only be a problem in the United States (in the beginning).

Since the Disney platform will only be available in the USA, all other countries will be save for the Disney platform tyranny. We are not sure how much the Disney streaming service will cost, as nothing has been said about it yet. 

This is gonna cost you some money, if you’re planning for paying for both services that is. 


Netflix removed some Disney movies, but Netflix has stated that this has nothing to do with Disney, also saying “Netflix is a curated service with a catalogue that evolves on a daily basis. The world of licensing content is complex and next week some Disney titles will leave the service.”

The good news is that they will come back soon with new Disney titles in the mix. 

Disney still cares about Netflix, or does it?


It comes down to the fact that Netflix refreshes on a daily basis pure because of licensing. Films like Frozen, Inside Out, all Star Wars movies and all Pirates of the Carribean movies were removed. But not to worry Netflix already said that these movies and more will return. 

Thank God.

A little while ago Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was re-added to Netflix in the coming weeks we can also expect Once Upon A Time season 6 and the populair movie Bolt.

Disney does has Fox under it’s roof, so movies like X-Men, Deadpool, Planet of the Apes, Avatar and Captain Underpants would probably be added to the Disney streaming service. Which makes the streaming service really tempting. 

It will release around 500 movies and 7.000 episodes of television, that’s a lot of binge-watching if you ask us. 

Disney and Fox mega deal

Although, what Disney is offering here is only 25% of what Netflix has of amount of content. 

On the other hand Netflix is willing to spend 8 billion dollar on new content next year to keep customers and expand the reach in variety in the content. In this way Netflix hope that they can stay on top of the whole Disney situation. 

Netflix is taking the Disney threat very seriously. 

Let the movie-streaming war begin.

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