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One on One with Daily Paper’s Elvis Osawe

One on One with Daily Paper’s Elvis Osawe

From hosting parties, photographing, directing and managing different projects: this Nigerian eagle made chess moves in the last few years. He’s got such a unique style with his smooth way of talking, this guy is always up to something. At the moment, he is still studying commercial economics, but besides his education, he works as junior marketing project manager in the Daily Paper Team

Can you introduce yourself?

Hi, I’m Elvis Osawe, but also known as Elathekid of the youth. I work at an Amsterdam clothing brand and besides that, I keep myself busy with styling. I live in Amsterdam and my parents are originally from Nigeria.

Were you also born in Amsterdam?

Yes, I was born in Amsterdam South East, Kraaienest 1104 (SMIB).

You are working on things for Daily Paper behind the scenes. Could you tell more about that?

I am a junior marketing manager at Daily Paper, which means that I am mainly working on public relations, a process that makes me have contact with certain clients of the company. These clients are mainly found in the music, film, art and in the sports industry.

How did you actually get in contact with them?

I was in the right place at the right time.

We saw so many people at the Daily Paper showroom in Paris a while ago. Beautiful setting, but could you explain that? How did this happen?

The concept of a showroom means that, as a brand, you will present your new collection. The sales team where Nathan is part of ensures that business customers can visit the showroom.

I’m responsible for the public relations tasks, I make sure that clients can come by the showroom to see the new collection. As a thank you, we gave all the clients that visited an exclusive Paris Fashion Week Daily Paper waist bag.

Fortunately, many of our guests came dressed in Daily Paper and set designer Flo from OwnSpaceStudio made a tripartite design. With this setting, Nathan and I directed a shoot

How long have you been an art director?

Only a year, but I always had a great imagination. In primary school, I wanted to be an advertiser. But don’t get me wrong, I have a lot to learn before I can say; ‘I’m an art director’.

You are currently enrolled in a university education, how will this study help you in the future?

I study commercial economics (marketing and sales) at the University of Amsterdam. It is a very broad program that deals with management, consultancy and directing. These are all aspects that make me aware of the business part of my activities that I keep myself busy with.

Recently you flew to London for a weekend, could you give us a little sneak peek of what you were doing there?

I was doing the styling for Hypebae x Reebok x NAO.
Read the full story here.

Do you feel embraced by the people in the circle you are currently in, or does it still feel crazy and unnatural?

When I first started at Daily Paper, I realized, first of all; the most important thing is to embrace a positive confidential circle. A circle that inspires and motivates you. I also believe that if someone in your circle does something well, you go harder as a collective.

That’s also the reason why I always try to plug homies with shoots, shows or other relevant things or even people. They sometimes call me manager or general in the group.

What is your inspiration?

That could be everything, at any moment. I get inspiration from everything: movies, music and the energy around me. Most of the time, I write down my ideas and tell them to my friends. It is very important that you always share ideas with people you trust. Because different brains make a complete plan.

There will always be moments where you have a disagreement with one of your homies or colleagues. How do you deal with this?

I try to give my sincere opinion as much as possible because it makes us all better. But with criticism, it’s always a moment of swallowing and trying to make that criticism convert to something positive. Criticism is always better than a fake compliment.

Could you give us an example of this?

If you present your created work to your friends, you assume that you’ll only hear compliments. But the fact is that your friends always have to be honest. So if you receive criticism about your work at such a moment, you can also see it as positive criticism. Just ask opinions of people you trust, watch out 4 the haters, B.

In the creative industry you will encounter a lot of interesting people, but when do you choose to collaborate with someone?

Realness and sincerity. People often just want something from you. Of course, you also want something from them, but if you can come together to both ends in a sincere way, working together is even easier. Sometimes it’s more about the process and not even the outcome.

If you have to name one person, who would you collaborate with?

With Coach K. Just because he’s a fuckin boss, read about it.

What do your parents think about what you are currently doing?

For them, it’s crazy to see this as a job. Because they come from another generation and place where they have different standards and values when it comes to work and education. My parents are determined by the fact that school is more important than work. I’m still a bit skeptical about that.

But I will definitely finish my school.

What are your strongest features and how do they help you forward as a creative?

I know the strengths of my environment. That’s why I make sure that the creative process in the collective I work with keeps improving.

How do you think about the takeover of technology and all these fast developments in the fashion industry?

The rapid developments make it possible for everyone to respond to certain trends and hypes. I’ve never been a fan of hypes. Stay original.

Do you attach a high value to the internet?

Yes, I attach a high value to the internet. Any medium you want to use, you need internet for. Google Drive, Pinterest, Instagram, G-Mail, Dropbox, WeTransfer, Youtube, etc. If you are looking for the latest news, you’ll definitely find it the fastest way on the internet.

How do you keep up with the latest fashion trends?

Daily Paper Design Team <3

What are your favorite fashion brands?

To be honest, I don’t have any favorite fashion brands. I just love clothing that’s cozy and quite functional. Btw, I love Carlo Colucci, Stone Island and The New Originals.

What impact does the internet have on your career?

The internet has made my work so much easier, through social media platforms like Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram.

Every workday when I’m at the store, I post a picture on Instagram to indicate my followers and surroundings that I’m at work. Many people use this as a free invitation to visit the store. I always like it to see how a post can bring people to the store.

Social media also provides a platform and network that you can use to your advantage. Try to innovate with internal technologies.

And by the way, for all people who buy their followers or likes on Instagram, stop the bullshit. Don’t post any random emotional stuff on Facebook.

Everything you post on the Internet will stay there forever and ever. It’s in the cloud, just an advice.

Nice to hear. Then we are heading to the last question. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Alive and healthy.

Photography: Navarone Cole

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