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One on one with Liz de Heer

One on one with Liz de Heer

She is 15 years old, but already a talented player who always played for different teams in Utrecht: Liz de Heer.

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Liz de Heer, I am 15 years old. At the moment, I am playing at the Tweede Divisie with the Cangeroes U18.

How did you start with playing basketball

My brother played basketball, so I watched a couple of games of him when I was pretty young. I immediately thought that I wanted to play basketball as well. And I haven’t stopped since.

Besides your brother, do other members of your family play?

Yes, my father used to play basketball for a while.

Where have you played basketball before?

I started playing at SVO Utrecht. From there I joined the U12 team of UBall. After UBall I went to the Cangeroes, playing my third of fourth season now. So I played for different teams in Utrecht.

What kind of player are you?

I’d rather call myself a shooting guard. I like to shoot the ball around when I can, and I also help to make plays for my teammates.

What do you want to improve?

It is sometimes difficult to manage myself a way out during fullcourt press situations. Now that I am a shooting guard, I think it is also very important to know what to do when there is a lot of pressure on the ball. I really want to improve that, which I am sure that I will do that.

What do you enjoy about Utrecht Cangeroes?

There are a lot of nice players and team managers there. I know all of the girls pretty well, which is quite normal when I play there for four years. Cangeroes really feels like home to me.

What is your favorite basketball moment?

When I played at UBall, we were down against Leiden with a couple of points differential. Nevertheless, we won game after all by not giving up and keep getting strong.

Is there someone who inspires you?

Definitely! On my position, I love to see Karin Kuijt playing. I also like the way Lies van Straaten is playing basketball. Those kind of players are amazing!

What do you want to achieve within basketball in The Netherlands?

I hope that the national team will ask me to join the team. For now, I like to play basketball as a hobby, and to what games from the Cangeroes and the national team.

Are you planning to play in the highest league of The Netherlands?

Well yes, definitely. I want to play for the Cangeroes in the highest league. I live nearby the gym and know quite a lot about this organization.

Right now, the Cangeroes are playing in the highest league of The Netherlands. Do you think there is a lot of potential there?

I think so, though it is a pretty young team. I think when they practice a lot that they can reach a lot of nice performances!

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