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One on One with Robyn van Dijkum and Lotte Vader

One on One with Robyn van Dijkum and Lotte Vader

They already know each other for quite a long time. Of course, that isn’t be a surprise because they have been teammates at BV Hoofddorp for years. Today, let’s meet Robyn van Dijkum and Lotte Vader!

Can you introduce yourselves?

Well I am Lotte Vader. I am 21 years old right now. I play basketball at BV Hoofddorp for a long time. I have started playing basketball there since I was 7 years old, and I still play at Hoofddorp with a lot of fun.

I am Robyn, 19 years old. I started playing basketball when I was 8 years old, quite the same story as Lotte said. I really like to be here at Hoofddorp along with Lotte.

How did the both of you started playing basketball?

Robyn: A lot of my family members played basketball before. My mother played basketball, my father, my uncles and aunts, and of course my brother. I used to visit some basketball games of Den Helder when I was pretty young, because my mother and father used to play in Den Helder. My parents always said to me that I could choose whatever sport I’d like to do. I tried a lot of different kinds of sports like dancing, tennis, badminton, soccer and hockey. I felt most comfortable by playing basketball. That was my own decision, though a lot of my family played it before.

Lotte: I was also pretty young when I just got in contact with basketball, but not because of my family. There was a basketball clinic at school in Heemstede, where I also grew up. From there, I wanted to play basketball, but they didn’t have any team of girls at Heemstede. Hoofddorp is nearby Heemstede, so I went over there and started practicing at the under 10 and under 12 team. Later on, Robyn joined the team. Like Robyn, I also tried many kinds of sports. I tried tennis, water polo, turning and dancing. I used to combine playing basketball with playing tennis, but that didn’t work. I decided to choose basketball.

What do you enjoy about basketball?

Lotte: You are always moving on and around the court, and the dynamical style of playing is always interesting. You can develop yourself on every aspects like offense and defense. Making contact with the team is also a factor. For example, you play tennis alone, but basketball makes it possible to build a team chemistry.

Robyn: You achieve some goals with a whole team. You win as a team and you will get better as a team. You can also share some special memories with each other.

How would you describe each other’s skills?

Lotte: Robyn is a very hard worker and warrior on the court. There are plenty of girls who have said ‘I am not going to defend Robyn!’. She works hard for every ball possession, rebound and points within the paint. I always know where I can find Robyn on the court and how she plays. We know each other for a pretty long time so that’s a factor too.

Robyn: I know Lotte as a player who fights hard within the bucket. A lot of opponents are afraid of the screens that Lotte sets on the court, because you almost break down in 2’s when you hit them. We are players who play a lot within the bucket. We may not score that many points per game, but it’s the little things that makes us work as a team. In defense, Lotte is also a great player.

Robyn: is there someone who inspires you?

Not really, but I learned a lot from my mother. Not that I wanted to be a kind of player like she was, but I admired her style of playing and what she managed to achieve. My mother played for the national team and on the highest level in The Netherlands. It’s great she made it so far!

Lotte: what do you enjoy about BV Hoofddorp?

Mainly our team. Most of the girls are still here. This organization is wonderful. Every year is different, but every year is great. Everyone knows everyone, and everyone helps each other. Many little kids came to our games and supported each other. It feels like family in here.

Lotte Vader

Robyn: Last season you and your under 22 team reach the national championship. How would you describe this season?

Difficult, but also pretty easy. Difficult because the first couple of months we didn’t had a coach in our team. We did have a coach at the beginning, but just before the season started he decided to quit. We had to do everything alone the for couple of months. Later on, Mitchell became our coach. So that was quite difficult. However, or games weren’t that kind of difficult. We won a lot of games with many points differential. We learned a lot of mental things that season.

Lotte: what was a special moment for you?

We achieved a lot of things the last few years. Last season was pretty special to reach the championship, but U22 wasn’t officially my team. The highest women team, who plays in the Promotiedivisie, was my official team. But those U22 girls made me realize that U22 was actually my team either. That was a special moment, to feel the connection with the U22 team.

Robyn: when you are down by 10 points in the last five minutes, what do you think in that kind of situation?

It depends on what team we are playing against. You always have to keep calm in those kinds of situations. When you stress out, it will never be good or better. Sure, you have to come back, but you need to stay calm and focus. For example, when there are a lot of centers on the court, just look for someone who can shoot the ball well. When there are a lot of guard on the court, it’s the other way around.

Lotte: Which team would you join if you would play in the highest league of The Netherlands?

Haha I never thought about that, because I didn’t think for one second to leave Hoofddorp. So if Hoofddorp will join the highest level, it would be here of course. But I think that everything here, combine with my school, is perfect for what it is now.

Robyn: You play at the center position. What kind of player do you think you are if you were a guard?

During my career, I played at almost every position, except on a guard position. I think I have been a center for only 2 years. If I would play as a guard now, I think it would only be just easy dribbling, because ballhandling is not my greatest ability. Nevertheless, I think I have a great view on the court as a guard.

Lotte: what do you enjoy about Robyn as a part of your team?

All of her effort from within the bucket and fighting for every possession. When we need some baskets inside, Robyn is always there to make sure we make some strong finishes. She plays her own kind of playing no matter what kind of team we play against. She always gives everything she has, and that makes her a great player.

Robyn: what do you enjoy about Lotte as one of your teammates?

She always wants to be part of a great teamchemistry. I mean Lotte is not only important on the court, but also off the court. She always wants to make the best out of the team, and for other players by giving good feedback. We all know we can count on Lotte, and I really enjoy that.

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