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One on One with Rosanne Hofste and Jorieke Lohuis

One on One with Rosanne Hofste and Jorieke Lohuis

Both of them have been playing basketball for many years. It is quite obvious that those players are well known in their hometown called Tubbergen. Let’s meet Rosanne Hofste and Jorieke Lohuis!

Can you introduce yourselves?

I am Jorieke Lohuis, 23 years old. I am playing basketball at Jolly Jumpers Tubbergen since the age of 11. Right now I am playing at the second team of Jolly Jumpers at the Tweede Divisie. Basketball is important for me because I love making contact with the team, and to play pretty physical.

I am Rosanne Hofste, 25 years old. I play basketball at the second team of Jolly Jumpers, just like Jorieke. I started playing basketball since I was 5 years old. I was too young to play volleyball, so my neighbor said once ‘come and visit Jolly Jumpers.’ Since then, I never left.

Does your family play basketball?

Jorieke: My sister played basketball before. We both tried different kinds of sports, and basketball was all what left. We tried volleyball, water polo, gymnastics and basketball.

Rosanne: No one besides me have played basketball before. I tried to play some musical instruments before, but basketball was what I chose back then.

What do you like about Jolly Jumpers?

Jorieke: First of all, Jolly Jumpers is located in our village: Tubbergen. The team feels like family, so I never thought about leaving the team. We help each other a lot.

Rosanne: Well, I can remember when I was younger that I often visited some home games of Jolly Jumpers, which was called Perik Jumpers back then. Just supporting the team with everyone else, that really felt amazing. I often thought when I was very young ‘I want to play for the highest ladies team too’! But I do feel very confortable now at the team where I am playing right now!

Jolly Jumpers returned to the VBL. What are your thoughts about that?

Rosanne: I think it’s really good for the organization to promote themselves by playing in the highest league of The Netherlands.

Jorieke: The amount of our members decreased the past few years. Right now, we see that the members of many sport organizations in Tubbergen are increasing a bit. I think it’s even better that Tubbergen has a team that play basketball on the highest level right now.

Rosanne: When you tell someone that you play basketball at Jolly Jumpers, most of the inhabitants of Tubbergen already know what Jolly Jumpers is all about.

Rosanne:  You play at the center position. What kind of player do you think you are if you were a guard?

I don’t think that would be a good idea, hahaha. I love to play under the basket, but I think I am not that good at dribbling. I really feel comfortable as a center.

Jorieke: What kind of player are you?

I have a couple of positions I can be used for. I play as a small forward at first position, but I can also be a guard. I like to sprint for a fast break and set my team mates to score.

Rosanne: What do you enjoy about Jorieke as a teamplayer?

Jorieke is a very nice girl, within or out of the court. She is always honest to me and others, and she will always say something if kinds of plays can be better. She also gives a lot of advice, which I find very comfortable.

Jorieke: What do you enjoy about Rosanne as a teamplayer?

She is also a nice girl! What I like about her is that she can be very organized. She can describe different kinds of strategy and plays pretty good.

How much potential does basketball in Tubbergen have to both of you?

Jorieke: Different kinds of teams, like under 20 and the senior ladies, have been stronger each year. If this amount of growth keeps getting bigger, then the quality of basketball here in Tubbergen will be bigger to.

Rosanne: We started a kids club, for kids with the age between 4 and 6. It is so great to see how enthusiastic these kinds are, and I think that is a way to gain much more potential.

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