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One on One with Frerik Adriaans

One on One with Frerik Adriaans

Frerik Adriaans is a promising Dutch player, who signed a contract with TTL Bamberg in Germany this Summer. After playing for Den Bosch for several years, and winning the Dutch Championship, he decided to make the step to go abroad.

How did you end up at TTL Bamberg in Germany?

I ended up there through my agent, Evert-Jan Siderius. I chose this option because I wasn’t able to play for a long time because of my injury, and I needed a club that wanted to give me a bigger role and a good amount of playing time. TTL Bamberg was looking for a player like me, and they really wanted to have me in their team.

What is it like to recover from a serious shoulder injury?

It is pretty hard and lonely. Of course, you want to go back on the court as soon as possible, but that isn’t always the smartest way to go, after such a serious injury. Fortunately, they have helped me a lot in Den Bosch with daily physiotherapy. They set a entire program for me to be able to recover as good as possible. 

Because I’m quite positive, it hasn’t been hard to stay motivated. I’ve mainly been concerned with my recovery, and the fact that that would go as good as possible and that I could continue my career.

Do you still think about it while playing, or can you play freely?

Fortunately, I can definitely play the way I did before my injury. (The doctor operated very well!)

Was it easy for you to adapt to your new club and country?

At first, it took some getting used to, but I think that is always the case when you’re in a new environment. Furthermore, I was able to find my place here quite quickly.

Photo: TLL Bamberg

How do you like Bamberg?

It’s a nice and cozy city. There is a lot to do and you actually have everything you need here.

There is also a BBL-team in Bamberg, called Brose Bamberg. Have you gone there to watch them play?

Yes, I go there to watch a game once in a while. A lot of times, the games coincide with my practices. It is definitely worth it to go and see the games.

Is there a big (basketball) difference between Germany and the Netherlands?

Yes, that is for sure. Here, basketball is really a popular sport. There is a lot more interest in it than in the Netherlands.  Especially in the area of Bamberg, that difference is very noticeable.

Can you describe a day at TTL Bamberg?

At TTL Bamberg, we practice three times a week. Besides that, I practice twice a week with Baunach Young Pikes (Pro A). Furthermore, I fitness three or four times per week as well.

Can you describe the competition you are playing in now?

It’s a competition where everyone plays fast basketball. This differs per team. Most teams have one or two professional players, most of the time these are Americans. You can compare the level with the lower placed teams of the DBL in the Netherlands.

Can you describe your playing style?

I’m a power forward, I’m quite  strong in a one against one close to the basket. Besides that, I have a good two point jumper, a nice three-pointer and my free throws are ok as well. I have a good overview of the game, can give assists, and I can defend well, especially against a power forward or center. And, I’m quite quick in the fast break.

What are you expectations for the rest of the season?

The expectations are mainly that  we’ll continue to grow as a team, and try to win every game. Compared to our opponents, we have a very young team and therefore we miss some experience. But, by playing on this level you’ll learn a lot as a team.

Photo: TTL Bamberg

Do you still have any ambitions for your career?

This year, the goal was mainly to show everyone what I can do. This was, of course, the case because I have been out for so long because of my shoulder injury. I am open to go and play at a higher level in Germany or somewhere else in Europe. Now, I am first going to finish this season with TTL- Bamber and after that I’ll go and discuss my option with my agent.

You have played for Den Bosch for several years. What is the most important thing they’ve taught you?

I think that the most important thing they taught me is that if you play at this level, play your sport as a professional, you have to behave accordingly, on and off the court. This is one of the things that Den Bosch tries to implement in every player.

Basketball takes up a lot of your time, and to go to a high level, you often have to give up certain things. Was that the same case with you?

I’ve had to pause my education to really be able to make steps in my basketball career. I want to be able to focus completely on practices, nutrition, rest etc., so that I can get the out of myself.

Does your career also get you the things you’d expected?

Certainly. I love this life: practicing, taking care of your body, trying to achieve as much as possible, preferably playing in a gym with a full audience. Of course, there is always more ambition, and that is playing in a strong competition in Europe!

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