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Our Favorite Looks From The Resort 2019 Shows PT II

Our Favorite Looks From The Resort 2019 Shows PT II

Fashion is always three steps ahead and before we’ve had the chance to embrace the current trends, new ones are already coming to the surface. The Resort wear shows have come to an end and this season particularly was full of interesting designs and game-changing collections. Check out some more of our favorite looks from the past week down below!

Alexander Wang

Photo: Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang’s latest collection centers around “the American dream”, as he was inspired by his parents who migrated to the states from Taiwan. The result, a collection that’s the ultimate melting pot of northern American culture, from bandanas to football jerseys, rock & roll, bikers, and China-town. The collection is both bold, attractive and sensuous. Even though the collection has a political message relevant to immigration and integration, it also embraces the new apparel styles mixing streetstyle and sportswear, tailoring and athleisure, folk and loungewear.


Photo: Alexander Wang

Donatella Versace is all about confidence and the empowerment of woman, which comes to show in her latest resort wear collection for 2019. The collection was inspired by 1980’s business wear and silhouettes, which Donatella then remixed to fit into the current zeitgeist. Office wear doesn’t have to be plain and boring in order for a woman to be taking seriously in a work environment. To counterbalance the classic tailoring, more sporty elements were added to the garments and styling for a more modern-day vibe, without losing its luxurious appeal.


Photo: Fendi

The main theme throughout Fendi’s latest collection was the mixture of soft tailoring with a very fresh but toned-down color palette. The garments are a clash between feminine and masculine design aesthetics, which is perfectly suited for our current society where gender norms are a daily topic. Sharp-cut blazers with nipped waists were paired with cigarette-pant/pleated-skirt hybrids, giving the collection more dimension and energy. The collection also has that very nonchalant “I just threw this together on a whim and headed out the door” type of vibe, which is a very distinctive trade of this new millennial generation of fashion lovers that chooses comfort over style.


Photo: Sportmax

Sportswear and utility-inspired functionality are a natural vocabulary for the Italian fashion brand, Sportmax. The brand was founded in the seventies and for their latest collection they were able to dive into their archives and clash their classic designs with modern day technical wear, creating a very unique and interesting contrast. The collection is a showcase of Sportmax past, present, and future, a concept that is being revisited by many high and brands as vintage trends are resurfacing.

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