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‘Publicity Publicity Wohooooow!’, is the latest collection from Patta in collaboration with Nike. For the campaign of this collection, Patta introduced eleven artists. Each artist made a champagne out of there own perspective on the collection.

‘Traveling, visiting each other, getting to know each other. For us, that is where the collaboration started.’ – Vincent van der Waal, co-owner of Patta. The collection features multiple creative expressions including garment and footwear. 

‘Publicity publicity Wohooooow!’ comes from the inspiration of spontaneous ‘happenings’ in the 60s the time of the Avant-garde artists, like artist Robert Jasper Grootveld from Amsterdam. The collection had to express self-awareness and irony, but more important a branded item had to become an act in space as well.

For the collection, they mixed technical elements with classic elements. It’s sports clothing, but not. Technical, but casual. It is a combination of a sports element and style element. The Air Max 90 and 95 are mixed in one shoe. Where the Air Max 90 is a robust classic, the Air Max 95 always felt like a futuristic design. The mixture of both of those shoes is what tells the story of the collection. We think the combination they want to show in this collection is what makes this collaboration a strong one.

While the checkered suit is a homage to a pioneering jazz musician, who was more interested in how he looked at the end of his performance than how he played. The dark obsidian jacket is reminiscent of the signage at Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport. And the other suit in dark obsidian with bold typography is inspired by the open-ended. All those different influences of inspiration make this a collection that stands out. It is a collection you have to look at out of your own perspective.

Like van der Waal says: “The white flag bearer is historically the one who seeks to negotiate. We associate the white flag with peace, seize fire and surrender: a positive symbol in an increasingly polarizing society and public space. The white flag is also an invitation to project messages on, to colour, to write on and to vandalize.”

For the campaign of the collection, they asked eleven artists to make a campaign with there own perspective on the collection. All the campaign of the artist are collected in one book by Linda van Deursen. The artist includes Bart Julius Peters, Dana Lixenberg, Oko Ebombo, Nigel Shafran, Qiu Yang, Joyce Ng, Morgan Knibbe, Vincent Van de Waal, Violette Esmeralda, Sam de Jong and Stephen Tayo. Besides a book, Morgan Knibbe made a short movie of all the campaigns.

The collection will be released tomorrow October 20 at the Patta site and in the Patta stores in Amsterdam and London. It will be available globally on the 27th on the Nike site.


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