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Players To Follow at the 3×3 World Cup

Players To Follow at the 3×3 World Cup

From June 18th to 23th, the Museumsquare in Amsterdam will be the setting for the 2019 3×3 World Cup. As most of FIBA’s top individual ranking for 3×3 players consists of Serbian players, and there are 20 men’s teams competing in this event, We are Basket took a look at the playing field and found out who needs to be followed; so you don’t have to.

On Friday, the standouts for the women’s teams will follow.

Canyon Barry – United States

Barry is the son of Rick Barry, the NBA player who’s still known for shooting his free throws underhand. The apple definitely doesn’t fall far from the tree, as the young Barry has been using the same technique for years. Hopefully, Canyon will manage to get lots of free throws throughout the week, so we all get to see it. On top of that, Barry got himself some good teammates, as he’s joined by Robbie Hummel, who has played almost 100 games for the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Photo: USAB

Dejan Majstorovic – Serbia

Majstorovic has been on a role of late, together with his team Novi Sad. Last weekend, they won the Moscow 3×3 Challenger, the week before that, Majstorovic was named the MVP of the 3×3 World Tour Chengdu Masters as his team won the tournament, and on top of that they also won the first ever Novi Sad Challenger. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the Serbian players are leading the individual 3×3 FIBA ranking, and are the team to beat as this World Cup. Only one of his teammates, Stefan Stojacic, isn’t a member of Novi Sad, but he’s proven to be an important force on the national squad as well since he joined last year.

Photo: Fiba

Aron Royé – Netherlands

Never forget the player with home advantage. Roye isn’t only a member of the Dutch national team, but he plays 3×3 basketball for team Amsterdam and also is an important player for the 5×5 team, Apollo Amsterdam, based in the same city.

Photo: Fiba

Alexander Zuev – Russia

At 22-years-old, Zuev is currently the NO.1 player in Russia, and the main man for his team Gagarin. All eyes will be on this rising star from Russia, as he has proven that he can already hold his own, and lead his team on the 3×3 court. Now, he’ll have to show that he can be important in getting Russia a medal. During the World Cup, Zuev will be joined by Dmitry Korshakov, Dmitrii Cheburkin and Daniil Abramovskii.

Photo: Fiba

Kārlis Lasmanis – Latvia

Lasmanis has proven a threat for all opponents. He was named the World Tour Doha Masters MVP in April, which was his third MVP award in a row. That was also the first 3×3 Challengers win for his team, Riga Ghetto. So, it can be seen that the Latvian team has been in an upward trend as of late. On top of that, the Latvian national team for the World Cup has the advantage that all of them play in the same team, Riga Ghetto.

Photo: Fiba
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