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Players to Watch in the Summer League

Players to Watch in the Summer League

On the 5st of July, the 2019 NBA Summer League will begin. As always, this will be the first chance for the fans and the media to take a look at the team’s newest additions. On top of that, there will also be a lot of undrafted players that will do everything to show the teams that they’re worthy of a shot in the league. These are some of the players, lottery, undrafted and others, you should definitely keep an eye on during the Summer League.

Rui Hachimura

It’ll be interesting to see how Hachimura can hold himself in the Summer League. Not only because no one is really sure how he’ll hold in the league, but also because everyone, even Hachimura, was surprised when the Washington Wizards drafted him with the 9th pick.

Before the draft, there had been absolutely no contact between Hachimura and the Wizards, so their pick definitely came out of the blue for everyone. During the last NCAA season, Hachimura has already shown that he was a match for NO.1 pick Zion Williamson, so the Wizards’ first game against Zion’s New Orleans Pelicans will be an interesting one.

Jimmer Fredette

Fredette joined the Phoenix Suns for the last six games of the season last year, with an option for the upcoming season, but it seems like the Suns didn’t pick up his option. He has now resurfaced as a part of the Golden State Warriors’ Summer League team.

There, he has to impress the coaches enough to earn a training camp contract. Hopefully, there was just too much pressure on him to perform with the Suns, and Fredette will now grab his chance to have a real second chance in the league.

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Tacko Fall

Tacko Fall was very impressive during the UFC Knights’ NCAA Tournament this year, and he almost managed to stop Zion Williamson in the game against Duke. Fall went undrafted, but the Boston Celtics wasted no time to sign him after the draft ended.

Michael Porter Jr.

Reportedly, Porter Jr. will finally be ready to step on the court for the Denver Nuggets, after he had to sit out his entire rookie season due to a back injury.

The Summer League is his first chance to show every team that the Nuggets were right in selecting him last year, and that he is ready to take a big role on the team in the upcoming season.

Porter will not be the only Nuggets player who will be closely watched, as the Nuggets also traded for Bol Bol on draft day. Bol had fallen down the draft, and was only picked 44th by the Miami Heat. It was to be suspected, as he had to sit out most of the season, but Bol was disappointed either way. It isn’t sure yet whether Bol will actually step on the court during Summer League, but if he does, there will definitely be some spectacle.

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