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Promising Players Under 20 in the DBL

Promising Players Under 20 in the DBL

There are a lot of young, talented players in the DBL that want to prove that they should have a spot in their rotation of their team. We’ve selected some of those players, who definitely have a chance to make minutes this season.

Rienk Mast – Donar Groningen

Photo: Fiba

Mast was one of the players that won the European title with the National team U18 this summer, and he’s definitely ready for another season in the DBL. Last year, he didn’t make a lot of minutes with the senior team, but that’s bound to change this year. His coach has already shown that he’ll be part of the rotation in the qualifiers for the Champions League.

Stan van den Elzen – New Heroes Den Bosch

Photo: Fiba

This will be Van den Elzen’s second year with the DBL team of New Heroes, after he signed his first professional contract last season. As a member of the National U18 team this Summer, he averaged 25 minutes and 9 points per game.

Bjorn de Vries – Aris Leeuwarden

Photo: Bjorn de Vries

De Vries is one of the new talented players for Aris Leeuwarden. He already got some international experience, as he spent last season with Kaunas in Lithuania. There, he wanted to learn to play more physical and improve all facets of his playing style. Now, he’ll get the chance to show what he can add to the DBL.

Hidde Roessink – Windmills Dordrecht

Photo: Kristian Giesen

Roessink had a good season last year with the Dreamfield Dolphins, and decided to make the step to a team in the DBL. With the Windmills, Roessink will have to show that he can adapt to the level of the DBL, and even help the Windmills win games.

Norbert Thelissen – New Heroes Den Bosch

Photo: Fiba

Thelissen is another young player of New Heroes that won the title U18 with the National team this Summer. Besides that, the coach, Ivica Skelin, has already given Thelissen minutes in the pre-season, and he definitely used them. Within a minute, he managed to block two of his opponents and hit 2-out-of-3 free throws.

Malevy Leons – Apollo Amsterdam

Photo: Fiba

Leons made his debut in the DBL last season, and showed that he had a lot of potential in those games, while averaging 11 minutes per game. This season, he’ll have to prove that he belongs in the DBL and maybe can even be one of the standouts on the team. This is necessary, as he had made clear that he wants to make the step to College basketball in 2019.

Boyd van der Vuurst – Den Helder Suns

Photo: Van Eis Foto

Van der Vuurst made his debut in the DBL last year for the Den Helder Suns, and he immediately left an impression. He even managed to win two awards this season, as he was chosen as Rookie of the Year and Most Valuable Player Under 23. So, this season, Van der Vuurst will have to show that he can do even better than he did last year.

Roel van Overbeek – Windmills Dordrecht

Photo: Fiba

Van Overbeek decided to make the step to the Dutch Windmills this off season, after previously playing for BAL. He has already played a lot of minutes in the DBL with BAL, and showed a lot of improvement in those games. The Windmills hope he can continue that growth, as he’ll be a great addition to their team.

Nick Thran – Den Helder Suns

Photo: Fiba

Thran also joined the senior team of the Suns last season, and will get the chance to prove he should get minutes this year. He was also part of the team that won the medal at the European Champions U18, division B, this Summer.

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