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Recipe of the week – spicy vegetarian falafel wraps

Recipe of the week – spicy vegetarian falafel wraps

Today, we are sharing a dish which you can easily take with you for lunch. Wraps are easy to prepare and can be filled with almost any sort of filling. You can even use your leftover vegetables from the day before. The wraps are delicious both warm and cold. 


– 4 whole grain wraps
– 200 grams of spicy falafel
– 250 grams of mushrooms
– 200 grams of sugar snaps
– 100 grams of cucumber
– 100 grams of lettuce
– 50 grams of tzatziki
– 40 grams of feta cheese
– 2 tablespoons of olive oil
– A pinch of salt and pepper


1. Heat up one tablespoon of olive oil in both a frying pan and a wok.
2. Cut up the mushrooms and cucumber in slices and remove the hard parts of the sugar snaps. Bake the falafel for 6 minutes in the frying pan until its nice and golden. Bake the vegetables in the wok until they’re done (in 8 to 10 minutes).
3. Divide the lettuce, cucumber, vegetables and falafel over the 4 wraps and top it with the tzatziki. Finish it off with the feta cheese and a pinch of salt and pepper to your liking.

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