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September 23, 2017
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When I go out for dinner, I always have a hard time choosing what I want to eat. There are so many dishes at a menu that I want to try, and I always end up taking some bites from the plate of the person I’m with. Shared dining is the solution for this huge dilemma. It’s a concept that gives you the opportunity to taste so much more than just one dish. And it’s a lot more fun to share, right? I made a list where you can enjoy shared dining in different cities in the Netherlands. Enjoy and share!

MazMez Amsterdam

MazMez is a Lebanese restaurant where you can explore this delicious Arabian kitchen. You can choose some small dishes from their extended menu or go for a two-course dinner, and be surprised. The first course is with eight cold dishes, the second with eight warm ones. The staff tells you what’s on the plates so you know what delicious food you are eating. And be sure to try the Lebanese wines. They are not as well-known as the France or Italian ones, but surely just as good at them, maybe even better.
Jan Evertsenstraat 17/19, Amsterdam

Arneym Arnhem

Arneym’s motto is: food is better when you share it. Isn’t that the truth? Arneym doesn’t serve dinner, but they serve lunch. Instead of choosing one sandwich, you can choose three small ones. One to taste, one to enjoy and one to share, as they say. Their menu is inspired by the many flavors of the world. For example, you can enjoy a sandwich with a sausage from Brabant, a marquez-hotdog with paprika salsa, or an oriental marinated chicken salad with cashew nuts.
Jansplaats 8, Arnhem

Happyhappyjoyjoy Amsterdam

You can visit Happyhappyjoyjoy at two different places in the city, East and West. They brought Asia to Amsterdam, with all its flavors, colors and scents. Happyhappyjoyjoy serves Asian street food like dumplings, steamed buns and spring rolls. You choose a few dishes and they are served when they are ready, so you won’t get all the dishes on the same time. The place is always crowded, so you should reserve, if you want to be sure of a table.
Happyhappyjoyjoy West: Bilderdijkstraat 158hs, Amsterdam
Happyhappyjoyjoy East: Oostelijke Handelskade 4, Amsterdam

Lokaal 1650 Den Bosch

Den Bosch also knows the ins and outs of shared dining. As they say: “what matters most are the conversations and just being together.” Sharing dinner, is there a better way of being together? Besides the small dishes they serve, you can also go for a sushi at this all-round restaurant. Want to try something else? They offer ‘standing dinner’, which is exactly what the name says. There are five or six courses in which you enjoy everything you would have in a normal dinner, but in a smaller size, and you eat them at a standing table.
Korte Putstraat 27, Den Bosch

Foodhallen Amsterdam

For the food festival lovers amongst us, the Foodhallen is the place to be. It’s just like an open-air food festival, but with a roof over your head. When you arrive, you should walk around the place for a while, before deciding what to eat, because the choice is huge. The dishes are small though, so it’s perfect to share with the ones you’re with, and try a lot of the different kitchens. For example, there is a hotdog stand, a pizza stand, a mezze stand and a pastry stand, and a lot more of course.
Bellamyplein 51, Amsterdam

Giornale Eindhoven

Look Giornale up online, and you will find the menu with, written in big letters, the word ‘foodsharing’ above it. Besides the menu with normal dishes, they have a special menu for the foodsharers amongst us. You can share bread with oil, for example, or antipasti, meat, fish and vegetarian dishes. Besides these options, they have a suggestion from the chef, which includes noodles with cashew nuts, salmon with goat cheese and green apple or gnocchi with hazelnuts.
Stationsplein 12, Eindhoven

Oker Den Haag

Oker started the shared dining movement in The Hague. The small dishes they serve to share are very affordable and tasty. Some things they serve are a Lebanese eggplant salad, a beef tataki or a ravioli. For the lovers of oysters here, every Saturday and Sunday from 15.00 to 18.00 it’s Oyster Happy Hour at Oker. At that time, their Fines de Claire only cost €1,25 each!
Denneweg 71, Den Haag

LE:EN Utrecht

At LE:EN, you can enjoy the Asian kitchen. They have some cold dishes like bread and dips, or a pulled pork salad on a steamed bun. There are also warm small dishes like sushi or a curry. LE:EN’s food is inspired by different Asian countries like, Japan, Thailand, China, India, Sri Lanka and many more. The building where LE:EN is placed, is a former construction company, and they preserved the industrial feeling of the building.
Heuveloord 140, Utrecht

De Mangerie Hilversum

At de Mangerie, you can try typical Chinese dishes. You can go for a classic way of dining with a starter and a main course, or you can choose to share. If you choose to share, you get a choice of six dishes and from these, you can put together a meal with three dishes. You can choose from tenderloin, shrimps, foe nam, chasieuw, salmon and chicken.
Diependaalselaan 490-494, Hilversum

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