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July 28, 2017
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July 29, 2017

There was a time when the world saw hip hop as something dangerous. The music of the ghetto, with dangerous men telling the world about their drug dealing and pimping, with fast words and blasting beats. But times are changing. Hip hop is no longer the dangerous side of music, but is slowly taking over the pop scene.

Rap is no longer perceived as something aggressive, people start to grasp the fact that it is a form of storytelling. As lyrical music is mostly a form of storytelling. Hip hop always holds a story, even the one some people call dangerous. It is about life, the ups and downs and the artists will tell you just what it’s like. No lies, just honest storytelling about the struggles of life. How, for some people, hustling is all they can do to climb the social ladder. Maybe not always with a language everybody appreciates, but it’s dead honest.

Rappers are becoming more and more popular, thanks to loads of collaborations with other pop artists. Collaborating with pop singers makes them more accessible and known to the general public. Also some rappers decided to make more happy songs for people to listen to. Artists like Chance the rapper, who thrive on uplifting beats might get hate from people in the game since day one, but also pull the public closer to the music.

Rappers are gaining a soft side in the media right now. Thanks to social media people are able to see a different side of their idols. Of course it depends on what the artist decides to show, but due to the changing society, people dare to be more open on social media and use it as a platform to cast their opinion on some things. Also the media shows more interest in their family life; rappers getting kids or taking care of their moms is still a hot news item. Articles like that, and them being active on social media makes them human, and brings them so much closer to the public.

Hip hop is not changing as a genre, it is being more accepted as a genre by the general public. People are finding out about the soft side and the artists are showing it. It’s no longer against pop culture, but getting part of it.

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