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August 15, 2017
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August 16, 2017

This week, Sacramento Kings player Zach Randolph was arrested on a marijuana charge. Later it was made clear that it would be a marijuana charge, with the intention to sell.

In addition to it being a felony, this could get Randolph suspended from the NBA. Interesting is that Adam Silver, who is the NBA commissioner, just announced that the NBA has to look into legalizing the use of medical weed in the NBA. Unfortunately for Randolph, and the following five players, they are not there yet. Here are five different players who got caught with drugs and therefore suspended:

O.J. Mayo

This Milwaukee Bucks player, O.J. Mayo, was not only suspended from the NBA, but he was even disqualified, or banned, for at least two years. Mayo could be reinstated in 2018. The punishment was this high, because he violated the NBA anti-drugs program. The exact violation was not disclosed to the public, but a violation could be using drugs, selling drugs or pleading guilty in a case with drugs.

Jason Williams

Jason Williams can be seen as one of the best and flashy guards in NBA history, but he also has quite an interesting history in relation to drugs. First, he was kicked off his college team in Florida for failing two drugs test on marijuana. In his NBA career, in 2000, he was suspended for five games, for not complying with the NBA’s anti-drugs program.

Mitch McGary

Oklahoma’s Mitch McGary also has an extensive history with using marijuana. He went into the NBA draft a full year earlier than planned and expected, because he faced a one-year suspension from the NCAA after testing positive for marijuana. In the 2016/2017 season, McGary faced not one, but two suspensions for not complying with the anti-drug program. The suspension would be for 15 games in total, but the Oklahoma City Thunder waived him right before the season. If he would sign with a different NBA team, he would first have to serve his 15-game suspension before being eligible to play.

Larry Sanders

This is the second Milwaukee Bucks player on this list. Sanders was actually suspended twice in relation to violating the anti-drugs policy. In 2013/2014 he was suspended for the last five games in the season. Apparently he did not learn of his mistake, and the next season, 2014/2015, he missed 10 games for violating the same program.

Joakim Noah

He has got the second longest suspension of the players on this list. Joakim Noah was suspended for 20 games in the 2016/2017 season for not complying with the anti-drug policy. In addition to his suspension, Noah was injured and could not have played the last 10 games of the season (and of his suspension). This meant that the remaining 10 games of his suspension will have to be served at the beginning of the 2017/2018 season.

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