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Get to know: Daniëlle Cathari X Adidas

Get to know: Daniëlle Cathari X Adidas

Adidas discovered Daniëlle Cathari when she showed her collection through VFiles at New York Fashion Week Fall 2017. The collection contained deconstructed and reimagined Adidas tracksuits, made into new jackets, pants, and skirts.

Daniëlle studied at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. In her third year, she was selected for the Honors Program. This is a program at AMFI where top students are selected and will have to develop their own signature style during summer break. The tracksuit designs were born from the love that Daniëlle had for the soft, shiny Adidas fabric. Which was nowhere to be found as a roll of fabric. So she started collecting vintage Adidas tracksuits, in thrift shops and on the online web. She deconstructed these and made new designs of them.

An inspiration for the collection was the balance between perfection and imperfection, rational and emotional, rationally trying to achieve perfection but emotionally embracing imperfection. Contrasting was an inspiration for Daniëlle, she created something that at first sight rationally didn’t make sense, by combining and deconstructing different elements, but at the same time is emotionally feeling right.

Photography: Yavez Anthonio

She got to show her designs in a total collection of 8 pieces at New York Fashion week through Vfiles. This is a talent-show from V magazine, where each year upcoming designers are chosen to show a collection. The collection de-constructed tracksuits got noticed by Adidas, instead of hiring a lawyer they wanted a collaboration with Cathari.

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Photography: Unknown

Adidas matched Kendall Jenner, who is one of the most important fashion ambassadors of the brand, to Daniëlle. Kendall became the face of the campaign. These two ambitious women were a perfect match from moment one. Their creative thoughts are similar: the contrasting, colors and vintage aspects. From the same creative vision the relationship between Kendall en Danielle developed into a real partnership. “Kendall is someone who is not afraid to show the person that she is, I admire that.” Says Daniëlle.“I recognize a lot of my style in the way Kendall mix and matched things, I love her feeling for contrast.”

Photo: Adidas

This month her new collection was released and is now in store. For the Fall/Winter 2018 collection Daniëlle Cathari x Adidas Originals introduces new colors on Cathari’s deconstructed designs, along with a feminine twist on the denim uniform.

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