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Teams That Should Trade in the Near Future

Teams That Should Trade in the Near Future

Every summer, franchises try to assemble the best team possible, but often there are still spots that need to be filled, important players that get injured, or a team just needs a different kind of player to win games. These teams need a trade soon to get their team running smoothly again.

Phoenix Suns

Photo: Valley of the Suns

The Suns’ guards Okobo and Canaan weren’t ready to be the starting point guard at the beginning of the season, so Okobo was moved to the bench, and Canaan was waived entirely. Kokoskov had no other choice than to give Devin Booker the ball handling duties. Though he has done a good job so far, being the point guard is definitely more straining on your body than any other position on the court. To no surprise, Booker is now out with a hamstring injury.

So, the Suns now have two options. Either they move Okobo, who has definitely improved since the start of the season, into the starting line-up and give him more important minutes, or they have to trade for a guard. The most logical option would be to trade Trevor Ariza, as he’s probably the most valuable after Devin Booker. In that case, the Suns would have to wait until after December 15th as that is the earliest date that this summer’s free agents can be traded.

Houston Rockets

Photo: USA Today Sports

The Rockets were so promising last year, when they almost beat the Warriors in the Western Conference Finals, but everything has gone downhill since then. They signed Carmelo Anthony over the Summer, but he turned out to not be a good fit for the team. Harden is still averaging 30 points and almost 9 assists per game, so he isn’t the problem.

But, the Rockets definitely need a new addition to the team to make them a contender again. They miss what Trevor Ariza brought to the team last year, so, maybe they could make a deal with the Suns? Either way, the Rockets will have to make a move, otherwise they won’t make it to the post-season.

Miami Heat

Photo: Chuck Cook – USA TODAY Sports

The situation between Erik Spoelstra and Hassan Whiteside has been tense for a while, but it might’ve gotten an extra layer on Tuesday night. Whiteside was kept out of the game the entire fourth quarter, and left the bench before the game ended. Though he said he had to go to the bathroom, it seems like it’s the next episode of the Whiteside-Heat soap.

Though Whiteside had a good start to the season, his numbers have gone down since. On top of that, Whiteside has been kept out of the last couple of fourth quarters. Is it finally time to trade Whiteside and start rebuilding the team from the ground up? It probably is. The Heat are only 10th in the East right now, but in this state, even if they somehow make it to the playoffs, they can’t make an impact. Therefore, it’s better for everyone to make a new start.

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Washington Wizards

Photo: Durango Herald

When the Wizards traded Marcin Gortat in the Summer, it should’ve solved all chemistry problems in Washington. Except it didn’t. Now, a couple of months into the season, the Wizards are in the 9th spot in the East, and that is a reason to panic. If they had this record in the West, they would be on the 14th spot.

So, it’s time to fix the chemistry problem within the Wizards team once and for all. That means they’ll have to move either John Wall, Bradley Beal, and/or Otto Porter jr.. Wall will be quite difficult to move, so the Wizards have the biggest chance to try and make a deal for Beal or Porter.

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