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The Best & Worst Looks of the NBA Draft 2018

The Best & Worst Looks of the NBA Draft 2018

Fashion is a great way for pro-ballers to showcase their identity off the court and there is no better place for a rookie to make his first fashion statement than during the NBA Draft ceremony. Some players amazed the crowd with the incredible looks they put together and others weren’t quite so lucky. Here we selected some of the hits and some of the misses of the night. Do you agree with our list?

1. Wendell Carter Jr

Wendell Carter Jr’s look was hands down the best look of the evening. The latest Chigaco Bull member and his family showed up wearing matching full Gucci looks, inspired by the box office hit, Black Panther. Gucci has been a long time favorite among NBA players and seems to be the perfect fit for every basketball related occasion, which obviously didn’t go unnoticed by Wendell. Wakanda forever!

2. Trae Young

One player who sadly missed the mark was none other than Atlanta Hawk, Trae Young. Young entered the stage wearing a burgundy Suite short and black loafers with the caption “What more can I say”. Sadly no one told him this outfit makes him look like a toddler heading to church for Sunday mass. When asked about the choice behind his look, Young told USA Today: “No one has ever worn shorts to the NBA Draft before, so I figured I’d be the first”. Well, hopefully, he will also be the last.

3. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

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Charlotte Hornet, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander’s look was definitely another winner. The Satin sheen floral suite, with matching satin shirt and blue suede loafers to matching the florals is what high fashion is all about. The look screamed luxury and was styled to a tee. Shai sadly didn’t want to reveal the designer behind this gorgeous look, but I have a feeling this won’t be the last time we’ll see Alexender wearing him or her.

4. Marvin Bagley III

Many players got creative when it came to the lining of their jackets, some featured team logo’s, their favorite quotes or beautiful patterns, but only one player was bold enough to incorporate a portrait of his own face into the design of his jacket, Marvin Bagley III. The Sacramento King happily flashed the inside of his jacket during his GQ photoshoot and finished off the look with a cap honoring his new team.

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