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The Referees Discuss Their Calls on Twitter

The Referees Discuss Their Calls on Twitter

Was it actually a foul on James Harden? Should Ben Simmons have been ejected after he elbowed Lowry on the floor? It doesn’t matter what game it is, or what’s at stake; there’s always discussion about the calls. But, during these Playoffs, there have been more complaints than ever, and everyone focusses more on the refs than the actual game.

That’s why the refs decided to reach out to all NBA fans through their official Twitter @OfficialNBARefs, and discuss crucial, missed or right calls during some of the games.

One focal point this year is the 3-point shot or flop introduced by the Rockets’ James Harden. What began as a good way to fake his defender into fouling on a 3-pointer, has turned into just flopping to get to the free-throw line. Analysts have even shown that Harden jumps differently if he takes a normal shot, or just wants a foul called.

Of course, referees can make the wrong call once in a while, but it’s very interesting to see how they explain the calls made, and interact with the fans. Therefore, they decided to hold a Q&A on Twitter, where they would interact with the fans about Sunday’s Raptors-76ers and Monday’s Bucks-Celtics.

We chose some instances where they took the time to explain clearly why something was the right, or wrong call.


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