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How To Get Your Kicks As New Again

How To Get Your Kicks As New Again

Everybody knows the struggle: the moment that your kicks are officially not new anymore. You just bought them less than a month ago, and since then, you wore them every day. They might even become your favourite kicks. Then, you look down at your feet – and you notice that your kicks aren’t new anymore.

You were careful with every move – you did everything so you could ensure that your kicks would stay new. Most of the times you continue your life and think: “well, the time has come. Let’s stop being careful with my sneakers”. But after today you are smarter than that – the hack you’ve been waiting for.. how to get your brand new kicks back.

So just to clarify: we’re not talking about food stains or mud. No. We’re talking about the creases in, well, for example, your Jordans. A few days ago there was this major blow out on twitter about this sneaker-life-hack and We Are Basket had to share this with you. Ok sweet readers, hereby what you need: socks or old clothes (actually any old fabrics is fine), a small towel, hot water and an iron.

Just follow these steps:

Start by filling your kicks with the socks or old clothes. Make sure that the sneakers are so full of fabric, that it almost isn’t possible to see the wrinkles. At this point, it must be difficult to press on the top of the sneakers. It shouldn’t move.

After the first step, you should make the old small towel wet with hot water and squeeze the water out. Place the towel on top of the wrinkle(s)

Last but not least, iron the small towel while it’s placed on the kicks. Make sure you keep lifting the iron up, you don’t want your sneakers to burn!

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