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Time To Say Goodbye: Manu Ginobili

Time To Say Goodbye: Manu Ginobili

We all knew it was coming, but it still was too soon. Even though Ginobili had hinted at his retirement for the past few years, no one really expected he wouldn’t return for just one more season. But, to be fair, it had been ‘just one more season’ for a couple of years now.

In the end, his Spurs career lasted from 2002 until 2018, and he brought home four championships, two All-Star nominations and the Sixth Man of the Year award. Furthermore, he is one of two players in basketball history to win a Euroleague title, NBA title, and a Gold Medal at the Olympics.He had a great NBA career, but nothing can last forever.

After Ginobili had announced his retirement from the NBA, the world could do nothing else than thank him. Here are some of the best reactions on social media.

But, of course, his fans and admirers also had their favorite moments to share.

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