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Top 5 Most Fashionable NBA Players

Top 5 Most Fashionable NBA Players

The world of basketball and the fashion industry have always gone hand in hand. From sneaker deals, to players starting their own brands, to amazing game day looks, NBA players always seem to have an amazing sense of style. These are our five favorite fashionable players.

5. Tristan Thompson

Center for the Cleveland Caveliers, Tristan Thompson has been all about fashion lately. He has definitely become a streetstyle icon with his daily OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) posts on Instagram. If he ever decides to retire from the NBA, there might be a future for him as a fashion blogger.

4. Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin is known as a lovable and goofy, funny guy, but he does take his style seriously. The forward of the Los Angeles Clippers loves wearing a monochrome suit, whether it’s a navy, tan or olive toned one. In his everyday wear, he is quite preppy, but not afraid to play with colors and prints.

3. Kevin Durant

Golden State Warrior Kevin Durant is all about the shoes. Whether he is wearing jeans and a sweater or a fully tailored satin suit, there is always a pair of sneakers to match his outfit. Kevin also plays a lot with layering and mixing different colors and patterns.

2. Nick Young

It’s one thing to love fashion and putting a lot of time into your look, but Nick Young has taken his love for style to a whole other level, by starting his own fashion brand “Most Hated”. The Golden State Warrior loves mixing up his style from very urban to minimal and sleek. Whether he’s hanging out with fellow NBA player J.R Smith or walking his dog, his look is always on point.

1. J.R Smith

Our number one most fashionable NBA player is, without a doubt, J.R Smith. The shooting-guard is all about black and white. Black and white stripes, typography, sneakers you name it. Smith always knows how to dress for the occasion and definitely has his own aesthetic when it comes to style.

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