Top 5 tools to help improve your basketball skills

December 3, 2017
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December 3, 2017
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Becoming a pro-baller is no joke. It takes heart, passion, determination and training your ass off. That last one especially. There are tons of ways to improve your basketball skills and certain types of gear can really help you along. Here we selected five tools to help improve your skills.

Double Double Basketball €34,99

The Double Double Basketball is perfect for training your shooting and rebound skills after a shot. The device is made up of two parts. A small ring for in the basket and a rejecter which you can attach to the small ring. The small ring makes the basket three inches smaller in order to force the player to make a shot with the right arch. the rejecter bounces the ball back to you in order to improve your rebound skills.

Square Up Basketball €14,99

The Square Up Basketball is a visual shot trainer that helps improve your shooting technique. The yellow triangles on the silicone band give the player a visual reference point for the ball’s rotation and alignment of the shot. Besides that, the Square Up also stimulates that the player holds the ball properly.

Hopz Jump-trainer €79,99

The Hopz Jump-trainer is the perfect tool to help improve your vertical jump. The resistance bands around your ankles and waist add an extra eighteen kilograms to the jump. The extra weight ensures an improvement in the jump strength and strengthens all the muscles that go into making the jump.

SKLZ Mini Bands €21,95

This set of Mini Bands contains three different bands with a different amount of resistance. The bands can be used for lateral movement exercises and help stabilize your hips and shoulders.

Pure 2Improve Barrel Roller €43,95

The Barrel Roller is the ideal cooling down after a work-out. The barrel helps improve the blood circulation in your muscles, relieves them of pain and enlarges your muscle elasticity. The travel foam roller is super light and easy to take with you.

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