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Top 5 Menswear Summer Trends

Top 5 Menswear Summer Trends

It’s the start of a new season, which means trends are emerging from all corners. These days it’s hard to tell whether the runway gets its inspiration from the streets, or the streets get it from the runway. Either way, the barrier between high-fashion and streetwear has started to merge, inspiring all kinds of people to up their fashion game. Here we selected the top five menswear trends for the upcoming season.

The Hawaiian Shirt

Many debatable fashion choices are once again entering the scene, from fanny packs to dad shoes, and yes, the Hawaii shirt. If you’re going for a tropical vibe this upcoming season, the Hawaii shirt is definitely the trend for you, but remember when it comes to the Hawaii shirt, less is more. You can either dress the shirt up or down by pairing it with a pair of neutral-toned chinos or denim shorts.

Millenial Pink

In the current zeitgeist, gender norms are being completely reformed from their stereotypical boxes and fashion is one of its biggest advocates. Pink will be dominating both men’s and womenswear this Summer. Donatella Versace went all the way and added multiple full body pink looks in their latest Spring/Summer menswear collection. If that’s a bit too much for you, you can add a touch of pink to an outfit with a pink tee, a pair of trousers or small accessories.

The Vertical Stripe

Vertical stripes are flattering on almost every single body type and a great way to add some print to your look, if you’re not so much into, let’s say a Hawaiian shirt. You can go as bold or as subtle as you want with this trend and can either dress it up or down. A striped trouser, blouse or blazer are great staple pieces you can easily add to your existing wardrobe.

All White 

If pink is not so much your color, this next monochrome trend may be a tat more up your alley. White is all over the fashion scene and of the biggest trends of the summer. It’s a great color for either resort or workwear and can be as casual or chic as you make it. You might want to avoid red wine though.

The Naughties

The Naughties trend is the ultimate mixture of nineteen-eighties and nineties styles with a modern touch. The trend was coined by Italian luxury fashion house, Fendi and very quickly spread across the fashion scene. It’s the classic effortless chic eighties vibe, combined with the nineties cool. From the rolled up sleeves to the statement sunglasses and headwear, dressed up with neutrally toned loafers and silk pocket squares.


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