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5 play off teams teams that won’t make the post season this year

5 play off teams teams that won’t make the post season this year

Every year we predict who will make they play offs with all the new young talent that comes into the league. That means some teams have to go. We made a list of the top 5 teams that are most likely not to make the play offs next season. Some might surprise you.


5. Maimi

Maimi has been a decent competitor in the East since Lebron left. They never were a title contender but always sneaked into the play offs somehow. This year will be different. The east has some young upcoming teams and Miami only seems to get older. Not only do they still have Hassan Whiteside and all of his problems, they still haven’t signed Dwyane Wade. Even if he comes back, he will be 37 in January. The only good players on the team will be Goran Dragic and Dion Waiters. Even in a weak Eastern Conference they won’t be enough to make the play-offs.

Source: Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

4. Spurs

This is a tough one to believe. I mean, they just added Demar DeRozan. That means they must make the play offs. This isn’t exactly the case. Sure they will be a good team with a legitimate shot at the play offs, but so was Denver last season. The need to hope that DeRozan and Aldridge can play together. They also need Murray to keep growing into the star player he is projected to be now that he has Tony Parker’s spot as full-time starting point guard. The main reason the Spurs are on this list is because of the stacked Western conference. The chances that the Nuggets and Lakers will make it this year are huge. We only ranked them as the third west team because they do have the smallest chance of missing the play offs compared to our next 2 Western Conference teams

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3. Portland

Many people believe that Portland has the biggest chance of missing the play offs. Last season was more of a lucky regular season, and once the postseason comes around, they showed their true self. Even Kevin Durant made fun of C.J. McCollum when he said that they got swept by the Pelicans. The 3rd to 8th seed were also all decided by three games or less. Since they lost some of their key bench players like Ed Davis and didn’t add any new talent, they won’t be getting better any time soon. Luckily there are two teams looking in worse shape then this former play off team.

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2. Washington

Only two words are needed for this team; “Dwight Howard”. Dwight had a great season last year but let’s be honest. Every team he goes to gets worse. Even if you trade away Gortat to hope for better chemistry, Dwight isn’t going to give you that for sure. We have seen that the Wall and Beal duo isn’t working. The best thing for them to do is to trade away one of these stars. The did get some nice additions like Jeff Green. It just won’t cut it. This will be the biggest shocker for most people but the chance of them not making the play offs is pretty big.

Source: Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

1. Minnesota

The guys almost didn’t make the play offs last year. Once Jimmy Butler went down, the became terrible. This is the reason why they won’t make it this year. At the end of the season, there were already a lot of chemistry problems with Andrew Wiggens. He might be the worst current star player in the league. He is an average scorer who plays no defence. Karl Anthony Towns is a good player but still seems to freeze on clutch moments. The only outstanding player on the team in Jimmy Butler, only he voiced concerns about the chemistry and probably already wants out. It just seems like a big dumpster fire and a disappointing season for the young Timberwolves. If they don’t make the play offs, then it will be a terrible offseason for the wolves. Not only will Jimmy Butler leave, but Wiggens will also probably request a trade out of there.

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