Top Five best tattoos in the NBA

October 22, 2017
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October 21, 2017
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October 22, 2017

We all know and love basketball players for their personalities, athleticism and heart, but we also love it when they express themselves through tattoos. Whether it's a goofy dog portrait or a tribute to their hometown, NBA players sure know how to think of some memorable ink. We selected five of the best tattoos in the NBA.

1. Damian Lillard

Damian Lillard's tattoos are very detailed and well designed. He has two half sleeves from the elbow up in all black and grey. A lot of people have one or two sentences out of the bible as a tattoo, but Lillard decided to go with an entire passage on his left arm. A total of twenty-two lines from the Psalm 37 to be exact.

2. Mo Williams

Being the lovable goof that he is, his tattoos are no surprise. When looking closely at his sleeves you can find various funny creatures like the Planters Mr. Peanut on his left arm. If that doesn't make you go aawh, Mo also has a portrait of his pitbull. 

3. Derrick Williams

Derrick Williams is known for his sculpture like tattoos. He has multiple tattoos of Roman and religious statues spread over his body. For example, the stone baby angel on his upper arm, followed by the stone Jesus in front of a giant clock. Williams definitely has his own aesthetic when it comes to his ink.

4. DeAndre Jordan

Where to begin with DeAndre Jordan. His tattoos are a reflection of his life and the lessons he has learned so far. This makes it very hard to pick between the quote from his Grandfather, the H for his hometown Houston, the biblical scriptures, his inner lion and the praying hands. All in all a great collection of tattoos.

5. D'Angelo Russell

Former Laker D'Angelo Russell decided to pay a tribute to one of his all-time heroes, Mohammed Ali after his death last year. Ali and Russell both grew up in Louisville, Kentucky and even attended the same high school. Even though they were decades apart, D'Angelo always felt a connection with Ali, therefore he got a tattoo of a little Mohammed Boxing figurine with an oversized head to commemorate him.

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