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Top Five Trends For Spring / Summer 2018

Top Five Trends For Spring / Summer 2018

As we’re slowly heading into a new season, new trends are starting to emerge and this Spring seems to become an interesting one. A lot of designers have been experimenting with unconventional materials and re-inventing classic pieces and silhouettes. Here we selected five upcoming trends for Spring/Summer 2018.


Last season was all about statement black vinyl pieces, but for this Spring we are lighting things up a bit. Transparent plastic is one of the key materials for the upcoming season, from coats to bags and even boots. It’s a great way to add some extra texture and layers to a look. Not sure if wearing plastic on a hot summer day is really comfortable though.

The Deconstructed Trenchcoat

A trench coat is a staple piece that definitely can’t be missing from your Spring wardrobe. This season, however, you can spice things up with a deconstructed coat. Coats are always a great way to add more shape to an outfit, but these coats will bring your look to the next level. For a more unique look, this is a really fun trend to play around with, by adding extra accessories like belts or using different techniques to drape the coat over your outfit.

Double Denim

You can never go wrong with a full denim look, which has been proven over the last couple of seasons. The trend doesn’t seem to fade but only evolve into more interesting silhouettes, whether you’re going for a more tailored look or floatier, there’s a double denim style for you.

Southern Florals

There seem to be multiple little country influences this season, but we are especially loving the Southern Florals. Yes, florals for Spring are pretty obvious, but it’s brands like Balenciaga, Chloe and Miu Miu who added a new touch, like styling a very romantic floaty dress with buckled, black, leather boots or knee-high sock boots in a bold color or contrasting pattern.


From the countryside to the race track. This last trend is probably the most bad-ass of them all. Multiple designers got inspired by the racing circuit and incorporated full body suits into their collection. Rihanna took the bad girl attitude that comes with the look to the extreme and drove over the runway on the back of a cross-bike during the Fenty-Puma show.

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