Orange Angels U16 want progression in the A-division

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July 12, 2017
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July 13, 2017

From August 4th till August 12th the Orange Angels U16 will be competing for the European Championship in Bourges, France. The Angels are drafted in group B with Croatia, Czech Republic and Germany. Germany will be their first opponent on the 4th of August.

Promoted to the A division

In 2014 the Orange Angels U16 were promoted to the A division. Unfortunately, the promotion didn’t last long. By taking the 15th place, the Angels demoted to the B division last year. Although they were sent down, the performances of last year’s European Championship were fantastic. In the semi-finals, they lost against Poland, so the finals were just out of reach. Nevertheless, a bronze medal was a great result and promotion to the A division became a fact. Now the Angels need to prove they can compete in the A division.

“Playing as a team and playing with pride will give us more opportunities.”

One of the selected players is Lotte Sant. Sant also played last year with U16, so she knows what is needed to get promoted to the A division. I asked her if she could make a small prediction of the upcoming tournament. “Last year we promoted to the A division, which was a great experience for me as a player. We want to make progress in that division. I guess that won’t be simple because our competition is tough. Still, I think we have a chance to make that progress happen, but we have to play together as a team and with lots of pride.”

Before the tournament, the Angels will have some pre-games. They will play in Luxembourg from July 14th to 16th. On July 22nd and 23rd they will play respectively in Namur and Amsterdam.

Changes in coaching staff

Last year Meindert van Veen was the head coach of the U16 team. Currently, Van Veen has moved to the U20 team, making place for the new head coach Brian Hirman. Hirman will be assisted by Daan de Heus. The following players are selected for this tournament:

• Shelaney Kopra (Dozy BV Den Helder)
• Zina Beunk (Batouwe/Royal Eagles)
• Chermensa van la Parra (CBV Binnenland)
• Emy Hayford (Liège Panthers/CTO Amsterdam)
• Tessa Dubois (CBV Binnenland/Barons)
• Eva van Oosten (CBV Binnenland)
• Josefien Cornelissen (Landslake Lions)
• Lotte Sant (CBV Binnenland)
• Maaike van Zeijl (CTO Amsterdam)
• Jade Blagrove (CBV Binnenland)
• Celine Dupont (CBV Binnenland/KEUS/Royal Eagles)
• Vita Stam (CTO Amsterdam)
Cheyenne van der Linden (Grasshoppers) and Maxime Wijnen (Lokomotief) are also added to the group.

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