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Vision of the year 2054

Vision of the year 2054

What type of clothing will people want to wear in 2054? That’s the question Virgil Abloh frolicked with for Louis Vuitton’s new line, Louis Vuitton 2054. A new collection that looks into the future of clothing.

the 2054 collection is a fast-forwards to the year 2054, 200 years after the founding of Louis Vuitton. It imagines what type of garments the house could potentially offer.

The founding of Louis Vuitton began when Louis was only sixteen years old, he made a decision that would not only change his own life but the lives of his sons and future generations: he would become a trunk-master. 

The early success of Louis Vuitton meant he had to expand his operations. This lead to the 1859 opening of his atelier in Asnières. Just northeast of the center of Paris, the workshop started with 20 employees, and by 1914 there were 225.

The original atelier has been expanded throughout the decades, but it is still where products are crafted today. 170 craftsmen work in the Asnières workshop, designing and creating leather goods and special orders for clients around the world.

Assuming Earth doesn’t collapses to global warming or nuclear destruction, 2054 will be the year Louis Vuitton celebrates its 200th anniversary. By then, it’s certain that lifestyle demands have shifted, and the urban milieu has drastically changed from its current manifestation. For some people, such a thought inspires diffidence. But for Abloh, it encourages his imagination into dreaming up some dope activewear. If the end of days is truly approaching, an apocalypse never looked so cool.

The collection includes 14 pieces of water-resistant apparel — a highlight being Monogram pants — and a range of accessories where Abloh pushed modular design to the extreme. 

Key pieces include the iridescent technical utility vest, 3D pants and shirt that have been treated with a inscription rainbow camouflage monogram pattern, and rainbow camouflage Keepall. There are safety goggle-inspired sunglasses with removable lenses, a holdall that doubles up as a sleeping bag, and a bucket hat that can be packed into itself. 

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