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A week full of question marks

A week full of question marks

The first week of the season, was a week full of question marks and disappointments. The only disappointments are there, because a lot of injuries that happened to players.

Let me start there, my thoughts are going out to Gordon Hayward and Jeremy Lin. The Celtics were considered the team that had a chance to knock out the Cavaliers, but then that awful injury happened only 5 minutes into the season and Hayward’s season was over. This, (unless Jayson Tatum or Jaylen Brown will transform into an immediate superstar) won’t give them a chance this year. Even if they get an injury salary exception; there are no players available that have an immediate impact of have a somewhat close to All-Star skill set. I hope he will be all right next year and be the same Gordon Hayward as before. Jeremy Lin had the chance to create Linsanity all over again on the other side of the river in Brooklyn, but then again his season is already over. I also wish him the best.

Furthermore, the Cavs are now without a point guard as Derrick Rose went down for at least a month. He worked very hard this offseason and got an unique opportunity to start for an championship caliber team, only to be injured yet again. Maybe Dwayne Wade can pick up the slack but Wade is about 5 percent of the Wade we used to see and know. The Rockets also need to switch to plan B, now that CP3 is out for also at least a month. But for what I have seen of this Rockets team, I don’t think he will fit in their offense on a long term, and I think the Rockets will actually be better without him (hope I don’t offend any Rockets fan). But maybe that will change during their season if they figure out their identity. And the Mirotic injury caused by Bobby Portis is just too sad to talk about. If it was my team; bye bye Bobby Portis, because this relationship can’t be repaired.

This week also showed that the Superteams such as Cleveland, OKC and GSW are not invincible at all! It’s very early in the season and maybe a little bit of rust is still there, but GSW simply got outplayed by a fierce Grizzles team; The Cavs got hammered by my favorite team, the Orlando Magic, and OKC lost (at the buzzer) by the young and rising Timberwolves team that played a perfect game.

Maybe this season will be a season with a lot of surprises after all.

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