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Where to Eat – Almere

Where to Eat – Almere

Almere is a city not that far from Amsterdam and is almost completely surrounded by water. The city was founded in 1975 and is surrounded by the beautiful nature of the ‘Polder’, but next to that, the city also has a lot of wonderful places to go to eat. Are you planning a trip to Almere and don’t know where to eat yet? Here are some of the greatest places to go to for dinner.


The Bierfabriek (beer factory in English) is a brewery, restaurant and cafe all in one place. They brew their own beer, serve farm chicken from the barbecue and play funky music. The most important thing they do is make you feel at home. You can tap your own beers at the bar, eat your chicken with your hands and get them all dirty, and even throw your peanut peelings on the floor. Going out to dinner has never been so comfortable.

Koetsierbaan 2

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Het Indisch Veerhuys

After two years of successfully running his Foodtruck Sate Bakkar, Tim van Heije was sure he wanted to go back to his Indonesian roots. He did this by opening a new restaurant in Almere with the only dishes on the menu being Indonesian. Het Indisch Veerhuys is a place where the Indonesian feeling of home and sharing will make you want to visit this restaurant more often.

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Woodstone is everything but your standard pizza place. They distinguish themselves from other pizzerias by serving pizzas with bold combinations of different flavors, a wide range of choice for vegetarians and even low calory pizzas! Woodstone is also a great place to eat Cicchetti (Italian lunch tapas) and sandwiches, which makes it a perfect restaurant to go to for lunch.

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Rosita’s is a Mexican cafe/restaurant which serves delicious Mexican dishes and freshly made cocktails. The food is delicious and affordable, and there’s a whole lot to choose from from the menu. Next to that, the interior is really festive and gives you the feeling that you’re really out for dinner somewhere in Mexico.

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Kip & Ei Dubbel-op

Kip & Ei Dubbel-op is the biggest and most fun ‘chicken coop’ there is and is located in the beautiful urban estate ‘De Kemphaan’. The menu consists of pancakes, chicken and egg products, chicken and vegetarian tapas, barbecue and fondue. There’s something for everyone! Next to that, Dubbel-op works with gluten-free, lactose-free and biological ingredients which are both accessible and affordable.

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