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Photography: Ferris Osseiran

“Do you and be yourself” is Micha’s trademark. But Micha is better known as Yung Zurich. We talk about his friends, his favorite fashion brands and last, but not least his music. Since Zurich seriously started to make music, a lot has changed in his lifestyle. Because he could assimilate to this lifestyle very quickly, he didn’t change despite the fact that he started to make music seriously. From Paris to London for various Fashionweeks, to performances at festivals. Before we delve into that, I asked this young talented man to share some facts about himself.

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Micha, better known as Yung Zurich. I’m 18 years old, and I make music in the form of rap. I'm originally from Rotterdam, but I have lived in Zurich for a few years, hence the name.

How long have you been involved in music?

I've been making music for a year now, and about a six months ago this thing became serious.

Where does your passion for making music originate from?

I've always been musical. I grew up in a musical family, so for me, it was always something like; I can do this, you know.

How did you get the name Yung Zurich?

I used to live in Zürich for three years. And I still feel equally at home there as in Rotterdam.

Why are you rapping in English and not in Dutch?

I’ve never had anything with Dutch music, and because my English is as good as my Dutch, the choice was made quickly. Besides that, My ambition reaches far beyond the Netherlands.



Do you study or what did you study?

Last year, I stopped with my education at The Hague University to allow me to fully focus on music.

You performed at the Triangle festival for the first time, how did you experience that?

Ah man, Triangle was a special performance. I enjoyed a lot from it. I was with the homies, there were more people than other shows and the atmosphere was different. But in a good way though.

Can you give me a description of how a day in your life looks like if you are making music?

I make music wherever I am. A lot of people send beats to me, and every time I receive them, I try to write something. And if I have something in mind, I will contact Guido De Jong. Every time I’m at his place, he mixes and masters all the stuff I’ve recorded.

Which genre does your music fit in to?

I think I make melodic trap music. I mostly use trap beats, but I gave it a differentiated taste. Better known as my own sound.


From which moment are you sure that the idea you've made up in your mind, should be worked out as a track?

If I'm very happy with it. Word, bro. If I make good music, I have to feel it so much that I immediately want to record it. If I got that feeling, I know I should go for it.

Can you give some examples of things that inspire your ideas for new music?

I could be inspired by anything, other artists, women.
But the inspiration is mainly from the lifestyle of me and my friends.

How do you prepare for a performance?

I do not specially prepare for a performance, I will once listen to all the tunes that I will be performing and then I do my thing. Wildin.

Where would you like to perform within now and a couple years?

In America

What do you like to do in life besides being an artist?

You know, I like to keep myself busy with fashion. Fashion is my passion after music and if you didn’t notice in my music, I talk a lot about fashion.


You have a very distinguishing personal appearance, do you pay a lot of attention to your looks?

Ehm yes, I keep myself busy with my looks, my pieces and accessories are important to me.
I also have so many clothes and shoes, but I always want more. It’s almost like an addiction; they should bring me to designer rehab.

To me, you are definitely a trendsetter. A while ago you started wearing a do-rag, an item that was once worn by dark men when they just came from the hairdresser and wanted to keep their hairstyle in shape. How did you bring it back as a fashion item?

Oh hahaha, at first; I didn’t realize it. I just wanted to grow my hair in silence, so I went for a do-rag and bought it at Zuidplein. The only idea was to sleep with it, but then I thought it had something. And you know, I always looked up to guys from New York, they have been doing that. First, people looked very strange at me, but now I see the half of Rotterdam and Amsterdam wearing it. I never get credit for it, though.

What are your favorite fashion brands?

Hahaha, I can’t make it ‘that’ easy for people, I can only say I'm a fan of Japanese fashion & anything Hedi Slimane.

Recently, I saw a video of you and Dominick Tavares vibing in front of the Rick Owens show in Paris, could you tell me more about this?

Yes. Every fashion week, some friends and I leave the country just to go to Paris. Just to check it out. The funny thing was, we didn’t have any invites for that show, but we just went to Paris to taste the atmosphere. And I can tell you; 10 minutes standing outside in front of where the Fashion show was held, gives you inspiration for months. That shit is crazy. And yeah, besides that; many photos and videos were taken of us. Always nice, right? Shoutout to highsnob, by the way!


"I always had a great connection with music, that is the reason why my stuff is different."

You and Dominick Tavares are often seen together, what does this friendship mean?

Do and I? We like brothers, man. We are always together. We are doing something big in our own way, and we help each other to evolve that.

In addition to friendships, you also have partnerships. Which aspects should a person have to work with you?

Beyond the fact that this person should be well in what he/she does, I also need to agree with his / her vision and mindset. That shit is the most important thing for me.There are not many people in Rotterdam who understand that.

If you should name a person on the spot, who would seem to be a good collaboration for you, who would it be?

With Wintertime. Wintertime in Zurich on the way. Wintertime is my favorite artist out there. He is not very famous because he doesn’t want to be famous by himself. He is really being an artist, you know.

Who was the first artist you watched?

The very first? Yea, that was a long time ago, but that would be ‘Method Man.' To be honest, the whole Wu Tang crew. But, artists come and go, I looked up to many artists. But yeah, they come and go.

What are your strongest features and how do they help you as an artist?

I always had a great connection with music, that is the reason why my stuff is different. In addition, I don’t pay attention to the people who are doing it in the Netherlands, and my goal is always America.

What do you like the most about your work?

Oh, my feeling of harmony. When I hear it in a song I’ve been working on, I'm happy.

Where do you see yourself within five years?

In America, just making music.



How do you think about the flood of new artists today and how do you think you are going to distinguish yourself?

Nowadays, everybody wants to be a rapper, I think. Besides that, there is too much favoritism in Amsterdam and in Rotterdam. I don’t know, I do my own thing. I'm not looking at anyone else in the Netherlands. The most rappers are running two years behind, anyway.

Do you attach a lot of value to the internet, according to your own interests and choices?

Yes, the internet is very important for me, I drop everything on Soundcloud and promoting that on Instagram and Twitter.

If Spotify, Deezer and all other stream mediums did not exist. How would you promote yourself as an artist?

I would burn a copy of the CD, I guess, hahaha. I don’t know, man. I can’t imagine that these platforms weren’t here.

What would you advise all starters?

Do you. Be different if you are different, not because it’s cool to be different.


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